ERISA (Red Book) ONLINE Does it All

ERISA Online is the next generation of the original ERISA "Red Book" of Pension Funds, long the industry standard for Pension plan marketing and research.  Every type of Qualified Retirement Plan that files DOL/IRS Form 5500 is included. This powerful tool gives you:

Instant web access to over 1,600,000 U.S. Qualified Retirement Plans.
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  • Powerhouse web search engine allows users to search over 60 fields in any combination -
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  • Every Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit plan including 401(K), 403(B), ESOP, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, Stock Bonus, Target Benefit......
  • Complete Form 5500 and Schedules replications in PDF format - See sample PDF report
  • Monthly marketing updates for over 1.6 million ERISA DOL Qualified Retirement plans! Critical for prospect marketing. Learn More about the Process.
  • Full export capabilities. Download Hundreds of Fields. Pick and choose the fields you need or supress fields you don't need. Easy integration into Contact Management, Spreadsheet or Mail Merge programs
  • Free Technical Support

ERISA Online gives you MORE search options, MORE data, and is updated MORE frequently than any other Qualified Plan marketing and research tool of its kind! 

ERISA Online is available in National, Regional & State Editions to meet your unique needs.

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